Concrete Is So Last Century

Neolith Beton. The new standard in contemporary design.
Exclusively available through CDK Stone.

Neolith Beton is our Stone of The Month. With rich grey tones, this spectacular sintered stone is the next revolution in industrial design trends. The light grey background is highlighted with raw, unaltered shadows. Beton creates a sense of natural tranquility to every design it absorbs. Drawing inspiration from an ageless material – concrete, Beton tells a story of time.

The contrast within this stone perfectly harmonises it with all other architectural elements. Highlighted in this breathtaking design by Studio GriffithsBeton reverberates a rough and organic atmosphere throughout this whole bathroom and pool house. Being heat, scratch and stain resistant, Beton is fast becoming the modern alternative to concrete.

Inspiring the very best contemporary designs, Beton is the ideal sintered stone for creating raw texture. Create innovative designs with this exceptional sintered stone.
Photography by Sharyn Cairns

This contemporary design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!