Jacob’s Food Diaries x Neolith

Who said to not play with your food?

Inventive mum, Laleh Mohmedi has created an internet sensation over her stunning food creations!

Jacob’s Food Diaries was born in May 2015 when Laleh Mohmedi turned her son Jacob’s pancakes into a lion.

Just as her son loved it, so did the internet.

Within a month Laleh’s creations went viral.

Featured on CBS, ABC, The Today Show and Ellen, Jacob’s Food Diaries has given the world joy in the form on fun healthy food.

Pursuing her goal of inspiring parents and children to make healthy food, Laleh has collaborated with Dines, Nickelodeon, Universal, Fox and Jamie Oliver.

Now Jacob’s Food Diaries is collaborating with CDK Stone.

These extraordinary food creations need an extraordinary backdrop, that’s why Laleh’s art now elegantly sits on Neolith!

The subtle but sophisticated details of Neolith Estatuario and Neolith Beton give these fun food creations an impressive home.

With over 100,000 Instagram followers, her own website and a breathtaking kitchen, Laleh Mohmedi has created an inspiring internet sensation.

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