Submerging Sinks

Neolith Aspen Grey, exclusively available at CDK Stone.

Neolith Aspen Grey is our Stone of The Month. This stunning submerged sink – one of the latest European trends to sweep Australia – is crafted out of the newly released Aspen Grey.

Designed by Nina Maya Interiors, this breath-taking property effortlessly pairs Aspen Grey’s natural aesthetic with contemporary design elements. Flowing from the vanity to the stairs, Neolith Aspen Grey is the focal point of this elegant modern design. Highlighting Aspen Grey further, this design has given deeper dimension through the light fittings.

Drawing inspiration from natural Aspen stone, Neolith Aspen Grey is ideal for creating texture due its subtle light and dark undertones. Synergising with both the intricate timber cladding and the dark metal staircase frame, Neolith Aspen Grey is perfect for adding contrast to both light and dark elements.
Photography by Nicole England

This contemporary design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!