Northstone – The premium Italian Terrazzo

Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone

Introducing Northstone!

A step above the rest, Northstone’s Terrazzo is a leader in cutting-edge European elegance.

Direct from Italy, Northstone transforms timeless natural elements into elegant Terrazzo. Made from all-natural materials, it reverberates a natural aesthetic that engulfs every design. Constructed with the latest advanced technology, Northstone synergises the highest design principles with sustainability – resulting in an environmentally sensitive and recyclable surface.

Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone
Northstone Brescia 05 Terrazzo CDK Stone

Drawing inspiration of ancient Roman architecture, Brescia 05 is ideal for creating subtle texture. With a unique shadowy, light grey, this Terrazzo can provide contrast to both light and dark architectural elements. With a truly unlimited application, Brescia 05is the most versatile Northstone Terrazzo.

Northstone’s statement contrast design, Bergamo 05 portrays and endless texture. With dark undertones and luminous highlights, Bergamo 05 is ideal for creating an aura throughout every space it encompasses. Bergamo 05 is perfect for reverberating a tranquil design.

Northstone Bergamo 05 Terrazzo CDK Stone
Northstone Mantova 05 Terrazzo CDK Stone

Representing a timeless design, Mantova 05 is elegantly subtle. Emphasised through its luminous white background, Mantova 05 produces an unrivalled texture. Mantova 05 is ideal for creating a subtle yet unique eternal design.

Bolder than its predecessor, Brescia 12 is perfectly flawed. Brescia 12 provides a contrast to both lighter and darker elements. With endless applications, Brescia 12 is ideal for creating texture.

Northstone Brescia 12 Terrazzo CDK Stone
Northstone Bergamo 12 Terrazzo CDK Stone

Drawing inspiration from the refined pebbles of the Italian Alps, Bergamo 12 effortlessly harmonises nature with function. The grey tones of these natural stones create an unmatched subtle depth and contrast. With light brown highlights, Bergamo 12 is the ideal Terrazzo for creating bold statements.

As bold as it is unique, Mantova 12 portrays a bright white background. Providing an unrefined aesthetic, Mantova 12 is the epitome of raw texture.

Northstone Mantova 12 Terrazzo CDK Stone

There’s a wide-range of styles and finishes too, because Northstone is perfect for creating a uniformed space!

Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone
Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone

Creating your own Terrazzo is now a reality. From original logos to designer looks, there’s a path for every stylish idea. This high-tech evolution allows for artistic tastes to highlight the ‘personal’ and the ‘chic’ to suit any project.

This exclusive offering is only available through CDK Stone in partnership with Northstone.

Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone

This stylish Terrazzo encompasses all-natural elements such as marble, granite, quartz, sand, cement and natural pigments. Another plus, Northstone’s resistant to abrasion and impacts, alongside being highly resistant to heat and atmospheric corrosion.

Due to Northstone’s refined production process, it is less porous than common natural stones and conserves its colouring for years. Suitable for a range of applications, Northstone is the next natural masterpiece.

Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone
Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone

Produced to the highest environmental standards, Northstone is constructed with eco-sensitive mineral adhesive and does not use resin-based binders. As well, Northstone does not contain any synthetic materials, resulting in a recyclable surface.

Northstone Terrazzo’s tile sizes are 400 x 400 x 15 mm and 600 x 600 x 18 mm. Ideal for all uses, Northstone is also available in custom sizes and designs.

Discover the full Northstone’s range, as well as advantages, usage and finishes today!

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Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone

From concept to construction, our sales consultants are experts in all things stone, so let us make your next Terrazzo project a reality. Contact us today to receive more information about customising your own Northstone or request one of our sales consulates to visit you with Northstone samples.

Northstone Terrazzo CDK Stone