Twisting The Timeless

Neolith Estatuario is exclusively available through CDK Stone.

Transforming the traditional, Neolith Estatuario draws inspiration from time-honoured white marbles. Now, Neolith Estatuario is the contemporary classic that is redefining the way architects think about shapes and spaces.

Crafted by Hastings Design, this elegant kitchen design is a statement in sophistication. Neolith Estatuario’s pure white background effortlessly highlights the warm, raw tones of the timber. Whilst, Neolith Estatuario’s combination of thick and subtle veins provide an elegance and fresh aura that engulfs this entire space.

The symmetrical aesthetic in this design is captivating. The elaborate edge and three layers within this benchtop is truely mesmerising. Highlighted by the strategic light fittings, this contemporary kitchen is a profound twist on a timeless kitchen design.
Photography by Art Department Creative

This contemporary design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!