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Director Tony Victor Talks Terrazzo With Est Living

With over 20 years’ experience in the stone industry, CDK Stone DirectorTony Victor has immersed himself in all things stone. Leading the CDK Stone buying team, Tony Victor hand-picks natural stone from all over the globe.

Fresh from the launch of Northstone, Tony recently spoke with Est Living about this refined Italian Terrazzo. Working closely with Australia’s leading Architects, Tony Victor understands the pivotal role of design and has a passion for supplying stones that propel Australian design.

Tony shared the reasons behind CDK Stone’s partnership with Northstone, why Terrazzo is experiencing such a popular resurgence and what separates Northstone from the rest.

Why did CDK Stone partner with Northstone?

CDK Stone spent two years searching for the right Terrazzo supplier. After much consideration, Northstone was chosen not only for their beautiful Terrazzo but because they share the values and quality CDK Stone are known for.”

Why is Terrazzo back?

Today’s current design style often orbits around minimalist interiors. With this in mind, Terrazzo has emerged as a preferred surface for designers to make a subtle yet bold statement in their designers.”

Why should I choose Northstone?

“Imagination is unlimited with Northstone. The customisation allows designers to introduce their own flare and more importantly creates a design that cannot be replicated.”

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