The Boheme Barber

Neolith La Boheme is exclusively available through CDK Stone.

Drawing inspirations form the truck of Lebanese cedar, Neolith La Boheme is a faithful interpretation of this noble wood. Standing out because of the play of robust knots and marked lines, Neolith La Boheme is our Stone of The Month.

Flowing throughout this barber studio, La Boheme’s design offers movement and depth to every space it engulfs. Highlighted in this classic design, La Boheme’s warm tones effortlessly balance other light and dark elements.

Creating an alternative to common timbers, Neolith’s La Boheme presents additional features for commercial use. Neolith provides a hard, more durable surface that is scratch, stain and heat-resistant – making it ideal for flooring of high traffic areas. 

The imitation of cohesive, parallel boards adds contrast and texture to the already elegant La Boheme design. Providing additional benefits over timber, La Boheme is easy to clean and is comprised of raw and recycled materials, whilst still retaining the warm aura of natural timber.

This classic design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!