Enter Into Estatuario

Neolith Estatuario Classtone CDK Stone

Neolith Estatuario – the modern classic.
Exclusively available at CDK Stone.

Neolith Estatuario Classtone CDK Stone

Stark and Soft. Bright and Bold.
Neolith Estatuario perfectly combines these elements into the Sintered Stone that has modernised the time-honoured white marble look. Neolith Estatuario’s striking veining oozes an unmatched elegance. 

The luminous, white background makes Estatuario one of the most versatile Neolith styles. Perfectly harmonising the darker brown timber tones with the light brown Terrazzo flooring, Estatuario is ideal for creating a balanced space.

Neolith Estatuario Classtone CDK Stone

Highlighted in this kitchen by KRN Design, Neolith Estatuario adds a lavish look to every design. It’s easy to see why Estatuario has remained one of the most sought-after Neolith styles of 2018.
Photography by Rachel Lewis

This breath-taking design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!

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