The Timeless Trend

Neolith Estatuario

Neolith Estatuario & Neolith Nero – The Perfect Pair.
Exclusively available at CDK Stone.

Light. Dark. Balanced.
With its flowing marble veining, Neolith Estatuario is the focal-point to this breath-taking, minimalist kitchen. Refining the white marble look, Estatuario compliments with both light and dark elements. Synergising this whole design, Estatuario is paired with Neolith Nero to create a simple yet elegant design. These Sintered Stones add an aura of tranquillity and balance to this home. 

Highlighted in this design by Taouk Architects and EMT BuildingNeolith Estatuario transforms this space into a luxury living area. Paired with the Neolith Nero cabinetry, Estatuario and Nero creates a well-balanced look within this space. Perfectly portraying a timeless marble style, it is easy to see why Neolith Estatuario is one of the most sought-after styles in the collection.
Photography by DLX Creative

Neolith Estatuario
Neolith Estatuario

This breath-taking design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!