The ‘Neolith’ Of New Age Facades

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The ‘Neolith’ Of New Age Façades – INDESIGN Issue #79

This article originally appeared in INDESIGN issue 79.

The role of the façade in bringing distinction and personality to a building is, without a doubt, critical to both the autonomous structure and its surrounding built environment. Get it wrong and a building’s purpose and landmark appeal is quickly lost. Working with the right tools – that is material and surface treatment – is critical to the build process and a successful outcome for architect and client.

Enter Neolith façades, a super standard in surfaces that is redefining design and supporting the creation of original ideas within façade design. Suited to a wide range of cladding applications, Neolith is available in four different finishes of Stain, Silk, Riverwashed and Polished.

As a leading brand of sintered stone, Neolith was founded in 2009. The product can be specified for a wide range of challenging interior and exterior building projects hinting at its sheer versatility. So, whether it’s a skyscraper façade or a kitchen benchtop, the look and finishing are consistent across applications. Importantly, the product also offers a unique combination of strength, aesthetics, durability and longevity, ensuring building façades retain their original look and feel for years together.

Sintered stone is 100 per cent natural and composed of granite minerals, glass minerals and natural oxides. Water-based ink is used in place of solvents, to create a more sustainable product offering, ensuring all slabs maintain the same definition and design. Neolith also offers realism, high performance and availability in a variety of formats, making it a go-to material for architects, designers, specifiers and fabricators. And, thanks to its heat and UV resistance, it can withstand the most extreme of weather conditions.

In Australia, Neolith has been subjected to strict safety standards and carries a CSRIO certification of AS 1530.1 for combustibility, and AS 1530.3 for flame propagation, heat and smoke release. This means the product won’t emit smoke or toxic materials when in contact with fire or subjected to high temperatures. As a waterproof product, Neolith has an absorption level of almost zero and also boasts a scratch and abrasion-resistant surface. Colours appear fresh despite prolonged exposure to sunlight, making it ideal for façade applications. Interestingly enough, every slab of Neolith is composed of 52 per cent recycled material.

Neolith is available exclusively through CDK Stone.

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