Neolith Retrostone is timless texture

Neolith Retrostone,
exclusively available at CDK Stone.

Providing depth through its timeless, alluring beauty, Neolith Retrostone is a subtle yet sophisticated addition to this contemporary outdoor living space. Featured as the outdoor kitchen benchtop, splashback and BBQ area, Neolith Retrostone creates a consistent style across this design. Neolith is scratch, stain, heat and UV resistant, make it ideal for use outdoors and around BBQ area.

Designed by Anson Smart and built by Cove Made, this stunning, contemporary outdoor living area is part of their Hornsby Heights Project. Mirroring Terrazzo, Neolith Retrostone is an elegant surface with a striking, big-grain effect. Neolith Retrostone honours the long and ancient history by produces a mesmerising Terrazzo that pays homage to Venetian stonemasons. Creating a timeless aura in this modern design, it easy to see why Neolith Retrostone is a popular alternative to common Terrazzo designs. 
Photography by Ryan Linnegar

This classic design highlights the extensive design possibilities of Neolith!

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