ECS EICH DSC 6 Dust Extractor

Increase production through cleaner air and good working conditions with the most effective and most powerful dust extraction system on the market.

A radial turbine, which can be selected with a power rating of 4kW/ suction performance up to 9000m³/h or 7.5kW/ suction performance 12000m³/h, sucks the dust-laden air through the filter elements into the clean air chamber underneath the fan and from there back through the fan and into the production hall. The high negative pressure of the turbines (4kW/ 1850 Pa or 7.5 kW/ 3650 Pa) also guarantees continuous high suction performance.

The system is clad with noise suppressing mats, particularly in the area of the radial turbine. Measurements carried out at a 1 metre distance per DIN 45635 have shown the noise developed at ca. 70 dB(A).

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