FLEX CS62 18.0

Circular Saw 18V

+ Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency
+ Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life
+ 18.0V EC motor with overload protection and temperature monitoring
+ LED battery capacity display
+ Dual clamped swivel element prevents the saw blade from jamming when making mitre cuts and therefore the risk of recoil
+ Spindle lock: for quick replacement of blades
+ Angle scale from 0 ° to 50 °. With preset angles of 22.5°/ 45°, and 50°. Easy to read, precision adjustment via non-slip clamping elements
+ Swivel range from 0° to 50° for undercuts as well as scoring function for perfect visible edges
+ Intuitive clamp lever for cutting depth adjustment, cutting depth is easy to read off
+ In accordance with the latest regulations without splitting wedge for plunge cuts and without time-consuming removal of splitting wedge
+ Woodshaving collection bag for low-dust operation, simple to empty, tool-free attachment by means of bayonet connection
+ Connector for external dust extraction Ø 27mm or step adapter
+ Ideal for traditional applications in dry construction and refurbishing, e.g. for making saw cuts through plasterboard, concrete fibre boards, wood materials, such as chipboard or OSB boards
+ FLEX battery system: suitable for all 18.0V battery packs

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