FLEX LD 15-10 125R Kit

Compact renovation grinder for dust-free grinding close to edges, 125 mm.

+ Electronic control: with tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start, overload protection and temperature monitoring
+ Dust extraction: prevents dust nuisance, reduces disc wear, keeps the concrete pores open for the new coating
+ Reliable 1450 watt high-performance motor with sufficient power reserves
+ Guard with pivoting segment to allow grinding right up to the wall. Height-adjustable to the disc height and for optimum dust extraction
+ With steplessly adjustable, vibration-proof, ergonomic bail handle, for optimum handling and machine control
+ For fixed hose connection. Adapter with FLEX clip connection for Ø 32 mm snap connection included in the standard equipment.
+ Recessed spindle lock, to avoid unintentional activation
+ Ideally suited for processing walls, ceilings and floors. Efficient and economic working thanks to optimum coordination between machine and sanding disc
+ Diamond grinding disc suitable for grinding concrete parts, roughing old weathered concrete, hard cement plaster, removing shuttering protrusions and concrete runs, hardened epoxy resin coatings and the natural sintering on concrete components. High grinding capacity and service life from the innovative segment design. Optimal ground preparation for furhter coating.

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