FLEX LE 14-11 125 Grinder

Variable-speed 1400 watt angle grinder, 125 mm

+ Microprocessor control with soft start, restart protection after power failure, temperature monitoring, CDC-electronic feedback control
+ Highly efficient and resilient motor for more power output
+ Longer service life thanks to optimised cooling and revised carbon geometry
+ Extensive dust protection for motor and gears
+ Compact, narrow and ergonomic shape
+ Anti-Kickback – this shuts down the motor on the disc being blocked
+ Tool-free adjustment of safety guard
+ Lockable slide switch
+ Spindle lock
+ This universal angle grinder is suited for steel/metal surface finishing, for work on the site/renovation as well as for vehicle bodywork and construction firms
+ SoftVib handgrip with integrated, patented locknut wrench and vibration damping
+ Please note the maximum speed (rpm) of the accessories

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