Manzelli Exential 16PN

• Powered by compressed air
• Exercise pressure for vacuum creation 6bar
• Air consumption 120 l/min
• Capacity vertical/horizontal 360kg
• Pneumatic vertical-horizontal tilt from 0° to 90°
• Steel tubular l = 2400mm +N.4 adjustable cross bars
• 16 suction plates – 150mm diameter – made of vulcanized aluminium
• Every plate is equipped with its own air valve, to open or close the plates individually
• Supports with rapid attacks and compensating springs
• Plates adjustable along the arms
• Plates connection and disconnection by means of slider valve, locking when in connect mode
• Coloured vacuum gauge to facilitate the control of the vacuum level when in connect mode
• Painted steel vacuum reserve tank
• Self-governing luminous/acoustic alarm-system with battery charger

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