Nestled in the charming suburb of Somerton Park, South Australia, you’ll find the exquisite family homes of Alisa and Lysandra Fraser. These talented sisters have meticulously built their dream homes from the ground up, each showcasing their own unique sense of style. Alisa’s home boasts the stunning elegance of Turco Argento Limestone, while Lysandra’s abode combines the beauty of Turco Argento Limestone with the timeless allure of New Savior Limestone. These Natural Stones effortlessly enhance the beauty of every space, perfectly reflecting the discerning interior design styles that Alisa and Lysandra embody.

As part of our Designer Collaboration Series, Architectural Sales Consultant Gabby Sbrissa took a deeper look into both properties with both Alisa and Lysandra. Gabby discussed with both Alisa and Lysandra their design decisions whilst also unravelling the similarities and differences in their personal design choices.

Discover this project today by watching Episode Nine of our Designer Collaboration Series.

Stepping into Alisa’s home, the first words that come to mind are light and airy. With a monochromatic colour scheme and a design style coined as Japandi – a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian; this home exudes timelessness and class. With curves and arches gracing nearly every space of the home, this style exudes a certain warmth that pairs perfectly with Turco Argento Limestone.

The Turco Argento Limestone gracefully flows throughout the entire home, making appearances in the butler’s pantry, TV unit, laundry, and upstairs living area. However, it is the kitchen that truly steals the show. With the Natural Stone adorning the island, benchtops and splashback of the spacious kitchen, it becomes the heart and soul of th home. The warm and inviting ambiance of this space is only enhanced by the timeless elegance of the Turco Argento, creating an atmosphere that is not only contemporary but also promises longevity. Moreover, the Turco Argento perfectly complements the brass accents and light oak timber cabinetry, resulting in a luxurious space that evokes the feeling of being on a summer holiday.

The Turco Argento flows throughout the remainder of Alisa’s home, exuding its elegance in various areas. The living room, positioned opposite the kitchen, boasts the striking Turco Argento TV unit, accompanied by off-white cabinetry with brass and timber detailing. These two spaces seamlessly collaborate to produce a beautifully adorned and refined design, resulting in a tranquil domain. Drawing inspiration from the kitchen, the laundry area showcases the Natural Stone on its benchtop and nook, creating a bright and airy environment that synchronises with the brass accents, light cabinetry, and glass arch door. Alisa’s residence harmoniously blends to form a dwelling that radiates grace and sophistication, with the natural stone serving as a pivotal focal point in the overall design of the home.

As you step into Lysandra’s home, prepare to be embraced by an alluring and mysterious ambiance. The dark flooring, deep bronze mirrors, and black accent pieces create an atmosphere of opulence and elegance. Adding to its allure are the exquisite Turco Argento Limestone and New Savior Limestone that are spread throughout the house.

Lysandra’s kitchen and living room exude a sense of style and class, and the addition of a glass wine cellar further enhances the opulence. The use of Turco Argento Limestone on the kitchen island, benchtops and splashback makes it the focal point of the space. Complemented by dark walnut cabinetry and brass accents, the warm tones of the Limestone beautifully contrast with the cooler elements in the kitchen, creating an elegant atmosphere. The inclusion of the wine cellar adds a striking design element that embraces the sophistication and grandeur of the space, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters.

To maintain an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication throughout the home, Natural Stone makes multiple appearances in the laundry, powder room, upper living space, and even in the front entrance. As you step into the house, the New Savior Limestone tiles beneath your feet instantly set the tone for how the rest of the home will captivate and mesmerise you. New Savior Limestone proves to be a versatile Natural Stone as it also graces the laundry and powder room benchtops. With deep green hues featured in both spaces, the consistent moodiness throughout the interior invites you in with its mysterious yet luxurious appeal. New Savior Limestone and Turco Argento Limestone are vital to the energy of this home and play a significant role in connecting the various spaces together.

Although Alisa and Lysandra may bear a striking resemblance, their individual design styles diverge greatly. By focusing on distinct colour schemes and atmospheres, both interior designers highlight the versatility of Natural Stone in various spaces, while still creating a timeless and classic aesthetic. Through their unique utilisation of different spaces, these designers demonstrate how each area can become an unparalleled and captivating experience, depending on the chosen decor.

Throughout this project, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser worked with CDK Stone to make their dream forever homes a reality.

Discover this project today by watching Episode Nine of our Designer Collaboration Series.


Alisa & Lysandra Fraser’s Homes have featured Turco Argento Limestone from CDK Stone.



Alisa & Lysandra Fraser’s Homes have featured New Savior Limestone from CDK Stone.