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To support this undertaking, we have:


For all machine matters including Installations, Preventative Maintenance and Breakdowns:


Please call our dedicated service line on +61 3 8552 6060 or email [email protected].


Your call will be answered by the first available Service Case Manager.


If all Service Case Managers are busy on other calls you can choose to hold or leave a voicemail – please state your company name, contact details, machine details and a brief description of the reason for your call and we will call you back.


A service call will be logged for each new task and this call number is your reference for all contact regarding the issue.


You will be contacted by our technical help desk to triage your issues and help to plan the best resolution.


Once we understand the scope of works a quotation will be prepared and submitted for your approval.


Once we receive your acceptance of our quotation and any required parts are available, a service case manager will contact you to schedule a technician’s attendance.


Upon completion of work and your acceptance of the technician’s service report, an invoice will be raised and submitted for payment in line with your account terms.


If we fail to meet your expectations during this process please let your Service Case Manager know that you would like the call escalated.


We love receiving feedback, both positive and negative – it helps us to continue improving our service. You can leave feedback by clicking here.

Our Service Team

Commitment & Dedication


Ryan Smith

Service Manager

With 20+ years’ experience in the service industry, Ryan brings an understanding of what makes a service department stand out from the competition.

He enjoys working directly with customers to understand their needs, then as a team help develop service strategies that bring maximum up-time with clear expectations.

Serena Dodd

Assistant Service Manager

With 25+ years association with CDK Stone, it is safe to say Serena enjoys working at CDK Stone. Serena has gained knowledge in each area of the business. As Assistant Service Manager Serena works with a fantastic team of professional, skilled people every day and enjoys supporting them as they develop and improve processes to offer industry leading customer service.

Rob Skinner

Development Manager

Originally training in Electrical, Electronics and Automation, most of Rob’s working life has been working in the Service industry, supporting customers with automated machinery.

Rob began his transition from CNC metal working machinery to Stone machinery in 2005, now supporting the development of the exceptional Service Team at CDK Stone and building rewarding relationships with our loyal customers.

Service Case Managers

Aghilesh Nair

Service Case Manager

An experienced Service Case Manager with over 13 years of experience in Computer Operations, Technical and Help desk support and service management.

A healthy work culture motivates Aghilesh to do a good job. Each day working to improve his and the teams skills to become better at what we do.

Karen Parker

Service Case Manager

With over 20 years of dedicated experience in customer service within the automotive sector, Karen brings a wealth of expertise to the role as a Service Case Manager. Her passion lies in assisting clients, resolving issues, and ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Thriving in a customer-facing environment, Karen relishs the challenges that come with problem-solving and strives to exceed expectations at every turn. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Karen is poised to continue delivering exceptional service and forging lasting relationships with customers in my new role.

Michael Vidal

Service Case Manager

A Service Case Manager with 11 years of experience in customer service roles across multiple industries and for the past 6 years has been working at CDK Stone assisting customers with a wide range of queries from technician bookings to invoicing. Michael believes that to achieve the best results possible we all need to work together.

Leah Galloway

Service Case Manager

Field Technicians

Cristian Carminati

Senior Field Technician VIC

Having spent 15 years in the stone industry, Cristian has developed in depth knowledge of all aspects of automated machinery engineering and application.  Cristian enjoys developing an understanding of our customers’ needs and seeing their businesses develop.

With many years of experience in Europe working with some of the leading manufacturing companies in CNC machinery and equipment, especially over the last few years working for CDK, Cristian has built a passion for working on high-end equipment and automation and believes his role is both challenging and rewarding.

Darren O’Brien

Senior Field Technician & Team Leader VIC

With training in motorcycle engineering, experience building race bikes and working on race teams offered Darren a great foundation in understanding and working on high end and complex equipment and systems. In 2007 Darren made the transition into the Stone Industry working on automated machinery for CDK Stone. Darren has really enjoyed the constant learning and development required to offer our customers the highest level of Service, Support and Care.

Mitchell Newman

Service Team Leader VIC

Mitchell has been at CDK Stone for over 2 years as a service technician, he specialisse on Comandulli Edge Polishing machinery while also performing basic repairs and service on a range of other machinery. Mitchells background in Mechatronic Engineering inspired him to learn more about automated machinery.

Alexey Kopyl

Field Technician VIC

Andrew Cooper

Field Technician QLD

After an extensive career as a laboratory and production technician in the Aluminum industry I changed direction to support people’s health and wellbeing by becoming a registered Naturopath and Herbal Medicine Practitioner.
And Now I have found myself in what I feel to be the dream job of my life as a Service Technician for CDK where I can utilize my integrity and determination to resolve and support Customers requirements to get production and their Life back on course to simplicity and success.

Anthony Fernandez

Field Technician NSW

Anthony holds 10 years’ experience within the printing industry. Starting in Customer Service then moving into the IT help desk where he assisted customers over the phone, troubleshooting, networking, hardware issues and software support.

Transitioning into Field Service Engineer for almost 6 years, Anthony has experience installing printers and software to customers computers, attending breakdowns, preventative maintenance and handling technical escalations. Anthony is excited to learn new things and share ideas.

Cassie Zaffina

Field Technician QLD

Chris Cherrill

Field Technician SA

Beginning his career in the stone industry as a fixer mason 23 years ago in the UK Chris has spent the last 13 years working with and on stone processing machinery, predominantly saws and CNC machines.

Chris joined the CDK Team as a Service Technician in 2018 to pursue his interest in machinery technology, where he now enjoys helping customers utilise the machinery to its fullest potential and seeing skilled craftsmen using state of the art machinery to compliment traditional Skills.

Dildar Singh

Field Technician VIC

Dildar’s strong interest to know how things work led him to study a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, specializing in mechanical and manufacturing. After completing his studies, Dildar has worked as an Engineering Technologist, where he implemented the skills acquired from his degree, such as engineering design, lean manufacturing, preventative maintenance, and root cause analysis, in real-time situations.

Dildar enjoys learning about and working on complex machinery, and the graduate role with CDK has offered a pathway to pursue his interests, and to become an industry expert.



Ian McConnell

Field Technician VIC

A qualified fitter and turner with 36 years of experience working in all aspects of mechanical maintenance. Over the past 6 years, Ian has developed great understanding and strong skills working on leading edge stone manufacturing equipment used by CDK customers. Ian really enjoy streamlining customers process’ and keeping machines running accurately and reliably.

Lawrence Mo

Field Technician NSW

Lawrence’s curiosity for how the world works led him to study a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. After gaining experience as a car mechanic for 5 years, he decided to use what he learnt and utilise his troubleshooting and supporting skills for the Stone Industry and their machine technology and equipment. Being able to learn and improve his skillset has been really rewarding and he will continue to grow and help his customers.

Liam Taylor

Field Technician VIC

Liam developed a strong passion for innovation and automation through past experience with water treatment systems and plant operation. Liam’s keen interest in supporting the development of our customers’ productivity was the driving force behind joining the service team.

He has a deep appreciation for the dependency our customers have on the reliability of their machines, which drives his perseverance to get your plant running to the highest capability. Liam is always willing to go the extra mile to support the efficiency of your business.

Luke Evangelista

Field Technician NSW

Luke’s enthusiasm to learn, understand new technology, and work with different advanced machines led him to be a Field Service Technician at CDK Stone. Luke has been doing installation, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting in Automation machinery manufacturing for 7 years and also worked as a Staff Engineer in the water treatment industry for 3 years. Luke enjoys his current role as he find he can utilise all of his technical skills, knowledge, and work experiences to perform my tasks as a Field Technician. Luke will continue his journey with CDK to progress his growth in stone machinery and to help the customers achieve their production target.

Nicholas Bongers

Field Technician VIC

Nicholas holds a degree in Engineering and is intrigued in innovative machinery design. Nicholas is an expert in troubleshooting technical problems, offering thorough mechanical support, and providing outstanding customer service. He exhibits strong communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Nicholas has the technical expertise and customer-focused attitude necessary to help with the most specialised equipment that CDK Stone has to offer.

Prateek Kamalaksha

Field Technician WA


Sep Sohrabi

Field Technician NSW

Tyler Hattrill

Field Technician VIC

Software & Machinery Automation

Fritz Schauffele

Software & CAD/CAM

Mark Pasfield

Software Engineer VIC

Having studied Mechatronics at Swinburne, Mark was eager to position himself in an industry where he can continue to challenge himself, to learn and to grow. Having worked for CDK Stone as a Service Technician since 2018, Mark has worked on a broad range of machinery, in both on-site and remote support roles. Mark is passionate about automation and the combination of mechanical, electrical, and software systems that work in combination. The key equipment Mark has worked on is water clarification systems, laser measuring devices, and CNC Saw equipment.

Thomas Hirzel

Business Development Consultant – Software  VIC


Warehousing, Logistics & Spare Parts

Keith Stokoe

National Warehousing & Logistics Specialists 


Francois Chung

Service Assistant and Spare Parts Controller VIC

Supporting customers to find the best solutions to their spare parts needs is something Francois has enjoyed doing for the past 12 years, something that his background in managing mechanical workshop, warehousing and logistics has really supported. Francois really loves to continue to provide this support and will for years to come.

Munish Mahajan

Warehouse Storeperson VIC

Customer Care Team

Chloe Dodd

Customer Care Support

Sammy Height

Customer Care Support