Nestled along the picturesque Sydney Harbour lies this luxurious and unparalleled residence, a masterpiece that has been meticulously crafted over the course of several years. Tim Carrington of B.E Architecture, a highly regarded architect, has played a pivotal role in creating this magnificent six-level beachfront home. The exquisite Arabescato Vagli Marble plays a pivotal role in this remarkable home, effortlessly weaving its way through the kitchen, ensuite, fireplace, and BBQ areas, creating a seamless and harmonious interior. With its pristine white backdrop and delicate grey veining, this stone imbues an added touch of grace and refinement to an already stunning environment.

As part of our Designer Collaboration Series, CDK Stone’s Architectural Sales Consultant Tim Lawrence took a deeper look into this impressive property with Tim. As the driving force behind this project, Tim Carrington unveils his design choices and sheds light on the remarkable journey that brought this vision to life.

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Featuring multiple levels, each space in this remarkable home possesses its own distinct charm, with the exquisite Arabescato Vagli Marble playing a significant role. Step onto the first level and be amazed by the main living area, offering not only a delightful ambiance but also breathtaking views of the harbor. It is here that we also experience the sensational kitchen, both spacious and refined, and adorned with Arabescato Vagli Marble on the benchtops and splashback. Complementing this natural stone are the white dusty oak cabinetry and brass tapware, creating a serene and tasteful environment that accentuates the room’s openness and luminosity. The veins of the Arabescato Vagli Marble gracefully ascend towards the ceiling, visually expanding the space and serving as a captivating centrepiece of the kitchen.

Additionally, the striking Arabescato Vagli Marble creates a feature wall around the fireplace, which complements the kitchen space opposite. The sleek white tones of the Marble beautifully contrast against the black fireplace, resulting in a memorable and sophisticated design. By incorporating Arabescato Vagli Marble in both spaces, a sense of harmony and consistency is achieved, allowing all the elements to seamlessly blend together. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the interior of the home exudes a balanced and refined aesthetic.

Venturing outside into the back, you’ll discover not one, but two barbecue areas, on two different levels, one outside the main kitchen and living area, and one downstairs near the swimming pool. These are perfect for those warm summer days to make entertaining or outdoor living effortless. The benchtops in these spaces are also Arabescato Vagli Marble, accentuating the uniformity and refinement of the entire project. Let’s not forget the stunning ocean views that can be enjoyed from these areas, just another attribute of this remarkable home.

As we ascend to the main suite level, we are greeted by a splendid space that houses the main bedroom, a his and hers sets of walk-in robes, ensuite and private study. The centrepiece of this level is undoubtedly the ensuite, sheathed in the extraordinary Arabescato Vagli Marble on both the walls and floors. The consistent design elements flow seamlessly throughout the home, with the upward veining of the Marble mirroring that of the kitchen and fireplace, again creating a spacious design. The addition of brass accents further enhances the cohesive theme whilst being a stylish addition to the room. Stepping into this space you’re greeted by a tranquil haven and so experience a simple elegance that creates an oasis of relaxation. You can also bask in the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour from inside the bathroom, or from outside on the private balcony, immersing yourself in the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Tim Carrington of B.E Architecture with the help of the exceptional Bellevarde Constructions has masterfully crafted a space that not only caters to the needs of the family but also exudes grandeur in every detail. Absorb yourself in the elegant and sophisticated ambience created by the stunning Arabescato Vagli slabs that feature in this arresting beachfront home.

Collaborating with CDK Stone, Tim Carrington and B.E Architecture have turned this vision into a reality, bringing their expertise and creativity to this unforgettable project.

Experience the magic of this project by watching Episode Ten of our captivating Designer Collaboration Series.


Tim Carrington’s Sydney Home Project has featured Arabescato Vagli Marble from CDK Stone.

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