Situated in the heart of Adelaide is Press* Food & Wine, a food and wine institution that has been around for many years. Decorated by Claire Kneebone of Claire Kneebone Studios, this well-established designer has helped in creating an element of surprise for the people of Adelaide with this light and vibrant space that offers an intimate dining experience. Featured alongst the bar and on a larger dining table is Cello Marble, creating a consistent space in which the Cello is truly the focal point of the dining room interior. With deep veining and a brown hue that incorporates grey undertones, this stone helps in bringing a rich sense of history to the restaurant that ultimately reflects their long history in Adelaide.

As part of our Designer Collaboration Series, CDK Stone’s Stone Director Tony Victor took a deeper look into this elegant property with Claire. Being the lead on this project, Claire was able to talk through her design decisions and how this project came together.

Discover this project today by watching Episode Eight of our Designer Collaboration Series.

Having originally designed this space twelve years before, Claire was excited by the opportunity to redesign the space to better match Press* Food & Wine’s personality and energy. With the building initially being based around communal dining and featuring darker colours, this space was completely reshaped to suit the needs of Press* Food & Wine whilst also catering to the needs of patrons in a post-COVID world.

The focus of this space was to generate a lighter and brighter space that exudes an alluring and compelling energy whilst offering cosy dining experiences. With this idea being the heart of the restaurant, it was decided that the stone needed to be unique and feature a lot of personality to elevate the space. Feeling courageous in their selection, Cello Marble was chosen due to its natural colours, striking veining, and impressive texture. With consumers directly interacting with the natural stone at their seats, this stone acts as a talking point that consumers are sure to enjoy whilst loving their meal.

Entering the space, your eyes immediately find the bar sitting in the middle of the space that is adorned by a Cello Marble benchtop the entire way around. This benchtop creates a space in which people can come and enjoy the European cuisine and extensive wine offering whilst socialising with people they know and people they don’t. The microcement paired with the Cello Marble allows for a natural energy to flow throughout the restaurant as the concrete aesthetic brings out the stark black veins of the Cello that is reminiscent of the appearance of mountains and geographic formations.

The dining table found towards the entrance of the restaurant makes for a space in which larger dining parties can engage and enjoy in a more secluded area. With Cello Marble beneath their fingertips, this natural stone brings life and character into the area, making customers feel comfortable in doing the same. The Cello again ties in nicely with the microcement against the walls to bring a warm glow to the interior.

With the stone appearing along two benchtops in the restaurant, this creates a harmonious flow that moves throughout the bar. With each benchtop featuring its own distinctive veins, colours, and textures, this lifts the space and makes it a true experience to dine in. The combination of the menu, interior, and natural stone makes for a masterpiece that consumers can dine in which ultimately enhances their experience.

The simple yet sophisticated designing of Press* Food & Wine makes for a refined and intimate aura that flows throughout the entire of the restaurant. Throughout this project, Claire Kneebone and Claire Kneebone Studios have helped in creating a space that showcases the history and warmth of the restaurant whilst also balancing the practicality that consumers seek when dining.

Throughout this project Claire Kneebone from Claire Kneebone Studios, worked with CDK Stone to make this project a reality.

Discover this project today by watching Episode Eight of our Designer Collaboration Series.


Claire Kneebone’s Press* Food & Wine Home Project has featured Cello Marble from CDK Stone.