Located in the hidden gem of Adelaide’s West Lakes, this a one-of-a-kind Italian restaurant known as Lombra that is a cantina, pizzeria and cucina all rolled into one. Designers Amalia and Danielle from The Tailored Studio have worked together to create a space that exudes Italian culture from the variety of colours used, the soft curves adopted and the breath-taking natural stone. Featured in this space is Rosso Trentino Marble that adorns the benchtops where customers will be greeted upon welcome, making a statement as soon as they walk through the doors. Embodying Italian architecture and style, this natural stone adds an unmatched depth and texture to this space that anyone is sure to admire.

As part of our Designer Collaboration Series, CDK Stone’s Stone Director Tony Victor took a deeper look into this breath-taking property and interviewed Amalia and Danielle of The Tailored Studio. Being the leads on this project, Amalia and Danielle were able to talk through their design decisions and how this project came together.

Discover this project today by watching Episode Five of our Designer Collaboration Series.

Walking into the space, the Rosso Trentino Marble instantly sets the mood by being the first thing your eyes gravitate towards. Decorating the entirety of the bar benchtops it certainly creates a stunning focal point throughout the restaurant.The swirling veining of Rosso Trentino creates a natural texture within this space.

This natural beauty is complimented with the large arched shelves to the comfortable bar seating area. The effortlessly blending of red, brown, burgundy, and black within the stone compliments the hues of the space from the blushing pink to the rich cobalt.

The use of stone on both benchtops creates a sense of balance and helps to tie together all the other elements to create a warm and inviting space that is reminiscent of Italian architecture. The use of curved edges all around the stone works with the arched shelves behind it to communicate that their place is one of comfort and homeliness rather than modernism and sleekness. This space comes together to create a restaurant in which people will not only enjoy the food but also the atmosphere in which they are dining in.

Throughout this project Amalia and Danielle from The Tailored Studio worked with CDK Stone to make this project a reality.

Discover this project today by watching Episode Five of our Designer Collaboration Series.

Rosso Trentino Marble


The Tailored Studio’s Lombra Project has featured Rosso Trentino Marble from CDK Stone.