Hidden away in the small rural community of Main Ridge, in the hinterland of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, resides this one-of-a-kind calming escape. With this home featuring a variety of different coloured and textured stones, it certainly makes a statement.

Nestled amongst scenic views, native wildlife and breathtaking landscape, this home is perfect for anyone looking for a getaway to a serene destination. A series of natural stones have been used to decorate this home including Tempest Quartzite, Accona Marble, Emerald Haze Quartzite, Bellini Marble and Taj Mahal Quartzite. These stones can be found in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and even wine cellar to create a home that features not only nature around it but within it as well.

Take in the interior and exterior of this Relaxing Country Getaway for yourself by checking out the series of images below.


Don’t feel like sampling the wineries and restaurants nearby? No need to worry, your kitchen can cater to any type of meal you feel like cooking, baking or preparing. With the benchtop, island and splash back in Tempest Quartzite, this kitchen truly is the central statement of this home. With rich gold veins against a warm beige background, this kitchen demands your attention and makes it hard for you to look away.

Pairing this natural stone with simple cream cabinetry and silver tapware allows for Tempest to be the spotlight of this space. Tempest Quartzite plays an integral role in the overall sense of class and luxury of the kitchen. This is balanced with the texture of the natural stone which brings a rustic element to better compliment the environment in which the home is located.


The living room is a space where you can unwind and truly relax, perhaps with a glass of Red Hill red wine. With Accona Marble adorning the wine cellar and fireplace, this natural stone integrates with the warm colour palette used, specifically the rusty red of the carpet and fireplace wood.

This space exudes warmth from not only the crackling of the fireplace but the character and texture of the Accona Marble featured. With this same marble flowing into the wine cellar, it creates a greater sense of consistency between the two spaces and highlights the warm and inviting nature of the tranquil earthy tones, and perhaps that a glass of wine belongs in your hands when relaxing in the living room.


Natural Stone doesn’t just belong on kitchen benchtops anymore. This relaxing country getaway allows for the master ensuite to have a memorable personality of its own by incorporating an integrated Emerald Haze sink and vanity. Using Emerald Haze Quartzite in this space evokes the idea that the external environment flows through the house, with the green of the stone matching the green of the plants lying just outside.

This natural stone helps to create a softer and lighter space by pairing the Emerald Haze with warm timber cabinetry and small white tiles. These elements come together to bring a sense of lightness into the room that makes for a comfortable and homely design. Ultimately, the Emerald Haze Quartzite elevates the space into a higher level of sophistication and opulence that only natural stone can achieve.


Small spaces can still make a large statement with the unique and eccentric Bellini Marble making up the entirety of the vanity in the powder room. Paired with black trimmings, tapware and a brass light, the bold orange and peach hues of the natural stone become only that much more vibrant and eye-catching.

With this natural stone using half of the space, it truly is the centrepiece to the powder room and provides a sense of fun and excitement into an otherwise forgotten area. The Bellini Marble brings a different sense of nature into the home, one that is more exotic and striking, further highlighting the individuality of this Main Ridge home.


This guest bathroom speaks to simplicity and sensibility with Taj Mahal Quartzite adorning the vanity and shower. Using a calmer and more sophisticated stone in this space helps to elicit feelings of tranquility and composure, feelings that are desired in such a retreat. This space still keeps consistency throughout the home by using lighter colours that are intended to induce warmth and tranquility.

With light timber cabinetry and simplistic silver trimmings and tapware, this bathroom allows anyone to feel as if they’ve just walked into their own personal spa, and Taj Mahal Quartzite helps make this happen.