“Equipment breakdowns cost companies thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity”

Maintabase is an online software which specialises in maintenance management with a focus on increasing asset management and lifespan.
This secure, cloud based software can increase the efficiency of your equipment.
Displayed through an interactive dashboard, this online software doesn’t require months of training.

Maintabase allows users to record machine hours and track efficiency, you can also use the scheduler to notify you when servicing is due.
On top of that, this simple software can track how long maintenance will keep you out of production.

In addition, Maintabase can log open work orders, assign them to team members and track through to completion.
With one click, Maintabase can display your equipment’s manuals, a complete history of your asset and manage your spare parts inventory.

Above all, Maintabase is a powerful reporting tool.
At a glance, you can analyse the efficiency and output of your equipment, which you can share with us for better maintenance planning.
Highlighted through graphs, you will always be on top of your machine’s efficiency.

CDK Stone are proud to exclusively offer Maintabase to the Australian Stone Industry.

Call CDK Stone’s National Servicing Support line on 03 8552 6060 to arrange a trial.

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