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Recent industry trends have seen the use of large format tiles and sheets become increasingly popular. Large format sheets are fast becoming the latest design trend in kitchens, bathrooms, wall cladding and flooring. Increasing opportunities for tilers are arising to process and install these materials. Scoring, handling and processing these lager sheets is made effortless with the Montolit range of tiling tools. Your tiling business can begin to install bathroom cladding, interior feature walls or even external cladding with these cutting edge, European tools. Learn how to increase your business’ potential and become a pioneer of this emerging industry trend.

The Montolit Range

Flash Line Evo
The Flash Live Evo is a complete non-slip system for scoring large format tiles and sheets. This patented design provides a simple and smooth approach to scoring larger tiles. The quick connection and lock in system offers precision cuts without any hassle. The Flash Line Evo can cut sheets up to 3.4 metres and has a maximum cutting height of one centimetre. 

Montolit Flash Line Cutting Scoring System Large Format Tile CDK Stone Tool Equipment

ART 300-15
The ART 300-15 work bench is the ideal workstation for processing large format tiles and sheets. This interlocking modular system is robust, stable, practical and easiness to set up. The structure is made from aluminium and steel making it reliable for long term use. This work bench is the perfect solution to scoring, routing, cutting, grinding and profiling tiles or large format sheets.

Montolit Modular Work Bench Large Format Tile CDK Stone Tool Equipment

The ART 56R is a progressive cutting system for splitting scores on large format sheets and tiles. This dual splitting system is operated by a screw action for the separation of tiles or sheets. This tile nibbler comes in two sizes that split up to 15mm or up to 20mm. With the ergonomic grip, this tool is an effortless solution to splitting scored tiles/sheets.

Montolit Flash Line Cutting Scoring System Large Format Tile CDK Stone Tool Equipment

GOAL Bogie
The GOAL Bogie is the ideal solution to transporting large format tiles and sheets. This easy to move trolley has two interchangeable position that place the sheet in an upright or tilted position. The bogie can carry up to 150 kilograms and folds down for transport and storage. The system has two hooks to secure the Superstick handling system to the bogie making it a complete system to handle and process large sheets.

CORNER Protection
The CORNER protection defends tiles and large format sheets against chipping and breaking whilst transporting and handling. This patented design absorbs shocks that could damage or chip the material being transported. This reusable product is suitable for tiles/sheets in 3-6, 8, 10 & 12 mm thicknesses. Each set comes with four protects that safeguard the materials from unwanted damage.

Montolit Corner Protector Large Format Tile CDK Stone Tool Equipment

The SUPERSTICK handling system is a modular frame that provides and effortless solution to lifting and handling large format tiles and sheets. This flexible design differs from other products as it allows the suction cups to be positioned accordingly to the size of the sheet. The Supersick is made from galvanised steel and carries up to 80 kilograms. Also, the Superstick has vacuum safety gauges that indicates the adhesion to the sheet.

Montolit Superstick Lifter Suction Cups Handling Large Format Tile CDK Stone Tool Equipment

Scoring Large Format Sheets

Scoring large format tiles is now effortless with the Montolit Flash Live Evo scoring system. This patented design allows scoring large format tiles/sheets to be completed in a quick five step process.

  1. Set up the Flash Live Evo and the ART 300-15 work table.
  2. Secure the non-slip system together with integrated locking system.
  3. Measure and place the track where you want the score line.
  4. Place the scorer on the track and apply consistent pressure along the tile.
  5. Move the tile to the end of the table and break the score line with the ART 56R tile nibbler.

Montolit’s complete system provides a simple and smooth process to scoring large format tiles/sheets.

Handling Large Format Sheets

Handling large format sheets is painless and simple with Montolit’s SUPERSTICK handling system and GOAL bogie. This integrated modular system is flexible and easy to use, which makes the demanding task of handling sheets a smooth five step process.

  1. Use the handling system to place the sheet onto the bogie.
  2. Move the system to the desired area, lock the bogie wheels and score if needed.
  3. Change the bogie into its second position and lock wheels.
  4. Place and secure the handling system to the bogie through the locking system.
  5. Smoothly apply adhesive to the black of the sheet and secure to position.

This complete handling system provides an effortless and straightforward solution to the challenging task of handling large format tiles/sheets.

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