Tucked away in the leafy suburb of Glen Iris, in a classic Californian Bungalow lies a modern, renovated space with cathedral ceilings, soft pastel hues, and luxurious linens. Nat Wheeler, co-owner of Norsu, has transformed her home into a blend of functionality and beauty that truly reflects her family’s unique style. Having carefully crafted her family’s forever home, the interiors are divided into three zones to cater to the needs of the parents and children, whilst having a joint space they can all share together. With soaring five-metre ceilings and moody lighting, this space is a luminous sanctuary featuring a stunning array of Natural Stone, from New Savior Limestone to Emerald Haze Quartzite, Lorde White Marble, and London Pink Marble. The vibrant hues of the Natural Stone infuse sophistication and energy throughout the home, capturing the essence of Norsu and Nat’s personality.

As part of our Captivating Spaces Series, CDK Stone Director Tony Victor spoke to Nat about her newly renovated home and the different stages of turning her vision into reality.

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Upon entering the residence, you are immediately welcomed by high ceilings, colourful artwork, and dazzling light fixtures. This first section of the home caters to the needs of the parents with their bedroom, walk-in-robe, ensuite, and front lounge adorned in stunning Natural Stone. Walking into the front lounge, the London Pink Marble console is set against a backdrop of sage green walls, moody fabrics, and a pink steel door, creating a space which extends upon the traditional Norsu style and adds richness and moodiness, with colour and personality. The blush pink tones of the marble pop against the bright white foundation, a perfect addition to the palette. The stone flows into the hidden bar connected to the front lounge, creating a dynamic and lively experience with bold cabinetry, and vivid tiles. The front of the home consciously has a more sophisticated and moodier personality than the other two areas of the home.

Natural Stone continues to flow throughout the front of the house with New Savior Limestone making an appearance in the walk-in-robe and main ensuite. Walking through the walk-in-robe to access the main ensuite creates a harmonious flow as the stone greets you on both the closet dresser and the bathroom vanity and shower ledge. The rich grey hue of the Natural Stone makes for a relaxing energy that beautifully complements the light grey cabinetry, brass accents, and white tiles. The New Savior Limestone makes for a refined addition to this space, with its serene appearance, it’s the perfect Natural Stone for a pastel-coloured bathroom. This interior is a hidden gem of the home that is an oasis of relaxation and New Savior Limestone is the star.

Walking through the pink steel doors, you’re welcomed into the shared space of the home where Natural Stone continues to dominate by featuring in the kitchen, study, laundry, powder room, hall console, and fireplace. The hallway fixture adopts a similar feeling of liveliness as the front lounge, with London Pink Marble featuring on the hallway console. This Natural Stone perfectly matches the hue of the steel doors, generating a cohesive design, whilst simultaneously contrasting against the warm timber cabinetry to create bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Within the kitchen, you’ll find mint green cabinetry, gunmetal brass tapware, and white accent pieces. These carefully curated elements harmonise with the luxurious New Savior Limestone benchtop and splashback to craft a soft and sophisticated space that exudes opulence and grace. The soft grey tones of the New Savior unite the kitchen, enhancing the vibrancy of the mint green cabinetry and the luminosity of the white pendant lights and stylish bar stools. The cathedral ceilings and grand skylight allow for a lot of natural light to flow through, showcasing the Natural Stone in its best light. Opposite the kitchen sits the family living room where New Savior also graces the warm and cosy fireplace. The inclusion of the Natural Stone in both areas serves as the focal point of this expansive space, creating an alluring ambiance that is not only modern but also promises enduring appeal. This grand kitchen, luxurious dining space and inviting living room is perfect for the growing family who wish to share a meal together or simply spend time together in a shared space. This creates a harmonious design that spotlights Natural Stone in almost every room of the home.

In addition to the elegant Monochrome Natural Stones, the stunning Emerald Haze Quartzite brings a pop of colour to both the powder room and study in this design. The Emerald Haze vanity steals the spotlight in the compact powder room, harmonising with the other elements to craft a beautifully curated space. Complemented by varied grey mosaic tiles, dark grey cabinetry, and brass accents, these features accentuate the captivating green and emerald tones of the Natural Stone. The bold green veins striking against the light green base of the Quartzite create a truly captivating Natural Stone that exudes luxury and timelessness. Displayed prominently throughout the space, guests are not only encouraged to admire its beauty but to embrace it as the central focal point. The study area follows suit with similar elements, and incorporates timber shelving to introduce more natural elements into the design. Here, too, the Emerald Haze Quartzite takes centre stage, contributing to a vibrant and colourful design that showcases the unique style of Norsu.

Finally, the laundry features Lorde White Marble to elicit feelings of cleanliness and sleekness. The geometric pink tiles work to bring out the slight pink hues of the Natural Stone, which highlights the warmth of both the stone and the warmth of the family living within the home. The stone also works against the light green of the cabinetry to make this smaller space feel bigger and brighter.

Stepping through the inviting mint green steel door, you are welcomed into the vibrant children’s area of the home where comfort and playfulness intertwine. Emerald Haze Quartzite shines once again in one of the bathrooms, adorning the vanity and shower shelf. This bathroom embraces the colour green as its focal point, with matching green tiles and towels. The captivating presence of Emerald Haze Quartzite commands attention against the grey cabinetry and white basin, adding a touch of excitement to this enchanting space.

Lorde White Marble is also prominent in this part of the home, making appearances in the rumpus room, as a desk in a bedroom and in the second bathroom. The consistent use of Lorde White Marble on the vanity and shower shelf in the bathroom creates a harmonious blend with the moody colour scheme, resulting in a tranquil space perfect for unwinding. Flowing seamlessly into the rumpus room, the marble is showcased on the console benchtop, solidifying Natural Stone as the focal point of this home, meeting the family’s needs while embodying the unique style and personality of Norsu.

Nat Wheeler, one of the creative minds behind Norsu, has meticulously crafted a unique family home that embraces vibrant pastel hues in a timeless fashion. Adorned with an array of exquisite Natural Stones such as New Savior Limestone, Lorde White Marble, Emerald Haze Quartzite, and London Pink Marble, the interiors exude a sense of opulence. Step into this radiant and open home that captivates all who cross its threshold.

Teaming up with CDK Stone, Nat Wheeler from Norsu has brought her dream to life, infusing her own skills, and those of business partner Kristy Sadlier,  and endless imagination into her forever family sanctuary.

Experience the warmth of this project by watching Episode Two of our Captivating Spaces Series.


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