Tucked away in the idyllic and quaint country village of Macedon, this cosy and spacious cabin retreat awaits. Embraced by lush greenery on a sprawling estate, this secluded haven is ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape with loved ones.

The cabin’s exterior exudes a dark and moody charm, while its interior offers a contrasting light and rich ambiance that is sure to evoke feelings of comfort and joy. The spotlight of this home is the London Pink Marble which appears in the kitchen, bar and two bathrooms, bringing even more colour and vibrancy into the space. By incorporating this exquisite Natural Stone throughout multiple rooms, the cabin not only embraces its natural surroundings but also showcases nature within its walls.

Experience the beauty of the Norsu Cabin both inside and out by exploring the captivating series of images provided below.

Not in the mood to dine out in town? Norsu Cabin offers a stunning kitchen that beckons you to unleash your culinary creativity. The pristine white backdrop of the Marble catches the eye, while the delicate pink veins seamlessly integrates with the lime-washed log walls and ceiling above, radiating charm and allure. Though the stone itself is understated, it commands attention in this comfy space and becomes the focal point.

Featuring authentic wood beams, brass accents, and light blue cabinetry, the London Pink Marble benchtop effortlessly stands out while harmonising with the overall design scheme. This exquisite Natural Stone not only adds a touch of splendour and warmth to the home but also infuses a hint of wilderness, perfectly complementing the surrounding environment. Found not only in the kitchen but also flowing throughout the home, this Natural Stone makes a striking statement in the living room bar as well.

Looking to unwind with a classy wine or fun cocktail? Well, you don’t have to go too far, with the cabin having its very own bar. With London Pink Marblestarring on the bar benchtop, this little slice of the home becomes into your personal pink paradise. With a pink backdrop, timber shelving, light blue cabinetry, and brass accents, this Natural Stone integrates with the vivid colour palette used to create a synergised design. Not only does it synchronise with its surroundings, but it also merges effortlessly with the living room elements across from it, such as the mint green TV console, plush white armchair, and inviting brown sofa. Embodying the essence and energy of Norsu Interiors, this bar provides a lively space for adults to relax and make their own.

The small spaces of this cabin also make an impact with the gorgeous London Pink Marble making up the benchtop of both the downstairs and upstairs bathroom. The combination of wooden beams, white cabinetry, and brass accents in the downstairs bathroom/ laundry is complemented by the soft hues and textures of the London Pink Marble. Together, these elements create a sense of brightness and contentment in the space, resulting in a welcoming and stylish design. The addition of London Pink Marble takes the space to a new level of luxury and sophistication that can only be achieved with natural stone.

The upstairs bathroom adopts bolder hues into the space with blue tiles and cabinetry, and London Pink Marble gracing the benchtop. The use of Natural Stone enhances the sense of tranquillity, adding to the overall feeling of relaxation in this calm retreat. Rather than being the dominant element of the space, the Marble works with all the elements to elevate the peacefulness of the bathroom and contribute to the cabin’s overall theme of relaxation.


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The Norsu Cabin Project has featured London Pink Marble from CDK Stone.