Urban Melbourne meets the sunny Gold Coast in this dreamy one-of-a-kind home. Located in the relaxing and serene Paradise Point, this home embodies the Melbourne luxury urban lifestyle but on a waterfront property on the Gold Coast.

Interior designers and former winners of TV Series The Block, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, have worked together to create a home that is both functional and suited to a growing family, whilst also exuding a cool and elegant atmosphere that is reminiscent of Melburnian design. A series of natural stones have been used within this home including Lorde White Marble, New Savior Limestone and Portsea Grey Limestone, which adorn a series of benchtops, flooring and vanities. These calming stones flow throughout the entirety of the home creating a balanced interior that elicits feelings of sophistication and refinement.

Experience this Paradise Point home for yourself by checking out the series of images below and watching The Design Duo Series with Alisa and Lysandra themselves.


The term luxurious is an understatement in the way that Lorde White Marble, New Savior Limestone and Portsea Grey Limestone have been used to embellish the master bedroom and ensuite. The master bedroom is a dream with a New Savior vanity and Portsea grey mirror nook that is sure to make getting dressed up fun but also an elegant experience. These stones work together to complement all the other finishes in the space and bring out a certain ambience of grandeur and refinement.

The elegance doesn’t just stop there, with a Lorde White Marble bathroom benchtop, you’re sure to find this master ensuite to be a retreat from the real world. Paired perfectly with all the other elements of the room, from the brass tapware to the lavish timber cabinetry, this stone pops and becomes one of the centre pieces of the space.


Flooring is just as important as any other element in the house, and Alisa and Lysandra emphasise this by using stylish New Savior Limestone. This natural stone complements the colours palette used, as well as the many textures, like fabric, timber and metal.

This space exudes a warmth that makes you feel at home, allowing you to completely relax in the space itself. New Savior Limestone helps in achieving this feeling by having a texture that is just interesting enough that is not overwhelming but rather feels as if you have nature in your very home. This floor is not just limited to the living room but rather expands into other rooms in the home to create a cohesive design and energy that flows and is embodied in all other interiors.


Natural stone isn’t just for kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities. Alisa and Lysandra make a statement with a custom made home office desk using Lorde White Marble. This desk, despite being a soft white colour, evokes a sense of masculinity and boldness when paired with the deep timber and moody artwork. This Lorde White desk elevates the space into a higher level of sophistication and opulence that only natural stone can achieve.

More stone follows throughout the home with the powder room also adopting a Lorde White Marble sink. The clean white hue breaks up the black tiles and brass accents of the space to open it up and have it appear larger than it actually is. The Lorde White is further highlighted by the New Savior Limestone flooring that brings a sense of coolness into the design. Ultimately, these two stones paired together help to bring of lightness into the room that makes for a comfortable and homely design.


Lorde White Marble is truly the statement piece in this episode with stunning application in both the kitchen and butler’s pantry. Paired with brass trimmings, tapware and rich timber cabinetry, Lorde White marble plays an intergral role in the overall sense of class and elegance of this space. The oversized island bench encourages socialising while working in the kitchen. This combined with a fully equipped butler’s pantry should assist even the most basic chef to enjoy elevated skills in the kitchen.

Paired with the Lorde White kitchen benchtop is a New Savior Flooring which accentuates the brightness of the white hue in the kitchen benchtop. Having this flooring flow throughout the entirety of the home creates a harmonious synergy that embodies Melbournian culture and makes for a luxurious design.


This dark and moody cellar has curves in all the right places with excellent storage for numerous wine bottles. The cool and darker colours of the room complements the light white colouring of the Lorde White Marble benchtop and splashback. Creating a relaxing space in which to enjoy some good wine and cheese.

Pairing the natural texture of the Lorde White Marble with the fabric stools and wall tiles makes for a space that speaks to personality and sophistication. Stepping into this cellar you feel like you’re being transported to a whole new location, and Lorde White Marble helps in making this happen.