Are you considering expanding your production? 

Have you reached your factory’s full potential?

Do you want to expand into different markets?

You’re not alone. This is the exact experience of Premium Stone and their founders Mark and Sharon Sheehan who can now offer more “Premium” services to their existing customers.

Based in Perth, Premium Stone founded its business on fabricating solid surfaces. Tired of outsourcing the stone fabrication, Mark and Sharon wanted to ensure that the quality of stone fabrication met the standard their company is renowned for. “We both thought long and hard about setting up our own stone plant. We did our own research and believed after talking to our core group of clients, we simply had to make the investment. We now find ourselves aligned with all the leading brands and suppliers, whom we work closely with. We are now able to offer the highest quality product, in a timely manner, with the added benefit of utilising all our own staff. From template to installation, our clients deal with one team, whether it’s a small bathroom renovation or high-end apartment buildings”.

With this in mind, Premium Stone approached CDK Stone to undergo the task of planning, installing and establishing a complete brand-new, state of the art stone benchtop manufacturing facility, with the ability to fabricate all products available in the Stone industry. CDK Stone’s Joint Managing Director Jonathan Height explains, “we were pleased to work closely with Premium Stone to devise a factory that revolves around high efficiency and quality. This advanced factory has now established Premium Stone as one of the leaders in stone benchtop manufacturing in Perth.”

The decision to partner with CDK Stone was simple for Premium Stone as these two companies shared the values of quality, reliability, efficiency and service. “It was important for Premium Stone to partner with a supplier that could fulfill their high-level expectations, but also shared their values of quality and craftsmanship.” Jonathan explains. Aside from supplying high quality machines and sharing values, CDK Stone was also chosen by Premium Stone for their National Servicing Support. Coupled with their factory planning and machinery installation, CDK Stone can provide ongoing service, customer support, training and troubleshooting on all their machines.

Premium Stone’s factory is now built around efficiency, adaptability and quality. With this in mind, their factory features a GMM Intra 36 CN2 Bridge Saw, two Thibaut T818 CNC Centres, a Techni Intec i713-G2 Water Jet, a Dal Prete Mini Compact Water Filtration Unit and in addition secondary filtration utilising a Dal Prete JW Micro Water Filtration Unit, which ensures the highest quality water, far exceeding the new levels recently set by Work Safe in Western Australia. Premium Stone actually invited Work Safe into their business knowing full well compliancy would be no issue, and as you can see the factory is spotless. Alongside this, to support their machinery, Premium Stone ’s factory also includes numerous Manzelli Vacuum Lifters, a comprehensive ADI CNC Tool range and all machines are streamlined through SeKON Software.

As their business grew, it was clear to Premium Stone that investing in new highly automated equipment was key to maximising their production and meeting demand. In order to integrate these machines, CDK Stone suggested to use SeKON Software. “We were also proud to pair these high-quality machines with SeKON software, allowing Mark to design and process the stone throughout all these machines.” Jonathan explains. SeKON software is the leading German CAD/CAM software that allows users manage all the processes in the factory. This software has been integrated in all of Premium Stone’s machinery and has allowed their team to efficiently plan the production flow.

“We are now able to meet the demand of the growing stone benchtop market.” Premium Stone’s Mark explains. “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront. Our decision to specialise in Ultra Compact Surfaces was a large part of our investment, which enables us to provide our customers with a complete package of the highest quality products at a competitive price. Our new factory fulfills all our needs and allows us to efficiently produce benchtops with quality products at an economical price.” Now, with the factory finished and production started, Premium Stone have been able to align their new expansion into stone benchtop fabrication with their existing company values. Mark explains, “by manufacturing our own benchtops, we are now able to control quality and delivery exceptional quality surfaces to all our customers. That is what Premium Stone is all about.”

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