Marble has been used since ancient times for sculptures and buildings. Its beauty, uniqueness, luxury and imperfections are what make Marble such a sought after product in today’s designer market. You will also find that Italian Marble has been used for kitchen benchtops and vanities for centuries. Bread is kneaded, pasta is made, Marble benchtops are used and cherished for their natural beauty and characteristics.

Marble, the epitome of elegance, offers a wide range of colours and versatile applications. CDK Stone has scoured the globe to bring you a stunning selection of blues, greens, pinks, reds, golds, greys, blacks, and white Marbles for all your interior and design needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your bathrooms, kitchens, walls, floors, tables, or even a Marble bar, our diverse Marble collection ensures you’ll find the perfect choice to elevate your space.