Aardwolf Demountable Frame DFF200-1500

It is ideal for transporting and storing material within the factory or transporting material to building sites. Rubber is provided on frame surfaces for maximum protection. Heavy-duty wheels allow easy manoeuvering of your fully loaded cart in the workshop and on the construction site. Fits inside a standard pick-up truck. Frames can be safely placed on your truck with a forklift or crane. [read]

• Sturdy structure, designed to eliminate any risk of the slab tipping over
• Slabs are placed on special rubber profiles and secured with 6 adjustable locking bars
• Six locking bars per frame mounted in slotted holes on the bottom
• Frame features 2 hooking points to be picked up by an overhead cran
• Built-in brackets on all underneath sides for forklift transport
• Powder-coat paint finish [/read]

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