Diarex Stoneware Blade

The Diarex Stoneware Blade is the ultimate blade for cutting stoneware tiles and thick porcelain on portable wet saws. Designed and made by Konig in Germany, the Diarex Stoneware Blade combines the latest diamond sawing technology with superior performance. Capable of cutting Natural Stone tiles, Porcelain Tiles and Ceramics Tiles, the Diarex Stoneware Blade’s superior performance is due to its close toothing that results in perfectly cut edges. The advanced characteristics of the diamond segments result in the blade requiring almost no re-sharpening. With a cutting depth of up to 30mm thick, the Diarex Stoneware Blade is available in 250mm, 300mm and 350mm diameters with a 30mm bore fitted with a 25.4mm reducer.

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