Grabo Pro

The GRABO Pro-Lifter is designed for professionals, with a fully portable electric vacuum intended to lift, move and place everything from tiles and plasterboard to furniture and large appliances.

• 2 hour charge for 1.5 hour work time.
• Up to 170kg of holding force.
• Rough, textured, dusty or wet GRABO grabs them all.
• The foam rubber vacuum seal is strong and resistant to loss of vacuum pressure.
• Slimline ergonomic handle for better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects.
• Use for all surface types, with automatic stop function at 11.6Psi, digital display and electronic pressure gauge.
• Automatic vacuum monitor, if pressure is lost the pump is automatically powered until vacuum pressure is restored.
• Designed for flooring professionals, glass installers, carpenters, movers, construction workers and more.

GRABO is a registered trademark of Nemo Power Tools LTD, registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
Patent information: US Patent No. 16/769,107 – EU Patent No. 19725779.3 – Chinese Patent No. 201980005884.0

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