Metikam Strong Slab Racking

The Metikam 3000mm Strong Slab Racking is the ultimate stone storage solution for any factory. The slab racks consist of two rails with dimensions of 120 × 190 × 3000 mm and durable support posts with a section of 60 × 60 × 4 mm and a length of 1500 – 2000 mm. This heavy duty slab racking is rated to hold up to 4,263kg (2,132kg per post). Each rail has 43 holes, supporting posts are placed in them, which deviate from the vertical at an optimal angle, supporting the weak ones along their entire length, which significantly reduces the risk of breakage of the panels. This premium quality slab racks have been hot-dip galvanised to increase the tool’s life. Support posts sold separately.

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