Montolit Superlift

Modular Systems Handling Large Format Tiles

The Superlift characterised by its extreme modular form and flexibility of use. Designed for handling and positioning the latest generation large format (3m x 1.5m) tiles.

Differing from other frames because it has the possibility to position the suction cups according to the size, shape and cut outs, making it uniquely adaptable. (See Configurations on Download Tab).

The overall dimensions of the complete frame are also specific to allow the removal of the tiles from the special packaging crates which carry them. The telescopic handles allow a more ergonomic grip.

The Superlift carrying frame enables movement of the tiles in both horizontal and vertical positions and is equipped with telescopic feet to allow support on the ground so that the tile is held in the frame without being damaged.

With thinner (>6mm) tiles it is recommended that extra suction cups are added to avoid harmful bending of the plate.

The Superlift is made of galvanized steel to resist wear and corrosion. Max load 80kg

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