Omni Cubed 90º Manual Stealth Seamer

The ALL-NEW 90° Manual Stealth Seamer™ is the ideal solution for consistently creating high-quality perpendicular seams such as mitered aprons, butt-joints, and compound corners—without the hassle of straps or bar-clamps. It is the only 90° seamer that can also be inverted for inside corners. The product’s proprietary non-marking cups feature our FTS™ (Flexible Triple Seal) technology that locks-in vacuum and provides optimum hold—even on textured and leathered materials.
Smooth-turning knurled rollers pull pieces together for expert alignment, and fine-tune levelers help dial-in the perfect angle for precise seams. An integrated counter-pressure leveler helps overcome the lower outswing of vertical pieces. Easy to read indicators allow monitoring vacuum pressure at a glance, and cups can be re-pumped without loss of remaining pressure, unlike screw-knob or flip-lever suction cups. Sold individually; not recommended for porous material or heavy waterfall pieces (see 90° Auto for these applications). [read]


• Consistently create high-quality, expertly aligned perpendicular seams
• Ideal for mitered aprons, butt-joints, compound corners, and inside corners
• Proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups won’t stain surfaces
• FTS™ vacuum cup technology for optimum hold on textured and leathered materials
• Knurled rollers and fine-tune levelers align and dial-in precise angles
• Counter-pressure leveler overcomes lower outswing of vertical pieces
• Easy to read indicators to monitor vacuum pressure at a glance
• Cups can be re-pumped without loss of remaining pressure[/read]

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