Omni Cubed Nano Manual Stealth Seamer

The ALL-NEW Nano Manual Stealth Seamer™ joins and levels countertops to consistently create high-quality, even seams with more control and less effort than traditional methods. The product’s proprietary non-marking cups feature our FTS™ (Flexible Triple Seal) technology that locks-in vacuum and provides optimum hold even on textured and leathered materials. The Nano’s wide-open design and high-clearance driveshaft keep seams extremely accessible for epoxy application and removal—no need to waste time scraping the seam after glue has set. 5” vacuum cups allow working with smaller pieces such as backsplashes, or in tighter spaces around sinks and other cutouts. A smooth-turning knurled roller opens and closes seams with ease, and non-spinning leveling feet help fine-tune the seam without scratching surfaces. Easy to read indicators allow monitoring vacuum pressure at a glance, and cups can be re-pumped without loss of remaining pressure, unlike screw-knob or flip-lever suction cups. Use alone for short seams, or in multiples for longer seams. Sold individually; recommended for non-porous materials.


• Consistently create high-quality, even seams
• 5” cups allow seaming smaller pieces and tighter spaces
• More control and less effort than shims and screws
• Proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups won’t stain surfaces
• FTS™ vacuum cup technology for optimum hold on textured and leathered materials
• Easily access seams for epoxy application and removal
• Non-spinning leveling feet won’t scratch surfaces
• Smooth-turning knurled roller opens and closes seams with ease
• Easy to read indicators help monitor vacuum pressure at a glance
• Re-pump cups without loss of remaining pressure

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