Stonelux 2.0 Professional Kit

The StoneLux 2.0 Professional kit contains all the components to effect fast high-quality repair work – from preparing and repairing the damage to finishing the repaired surface. The new comprehensive StoneLux 2.0 Professional kit is designed for repairs on a range of surfaces including Natural Stone, Quartz Composite, Stoneware, Ceramic and Tiles.
The kit includes 10 repair colors, new ceramic repair pastes with 14 new colour shades for advanced surfaces, 2 new 30ml filler materials, 4 new fine grinding pads, 2 new primer pens, the Blue:Tron Powerlight and more.
As an optional extra, the Proxxon Fine Drill Grinder is used to prepare the surface for restoration. Includes the Proxxon Fine Drill Grinder and the Proxxon Fine Drill Charger. Fits into the StoneLux 2.0 Professional kit carry case.

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