An advanced adhesive for all types of applications and all types of natural stone, engineered stone and sintered stone.

Superior GOLD is a revolutionary and unique adhesive perfectly suited for use on nearly all stone surfaces Perfect for mitering, seaming, laminating and chip repair on all types of natural, engineered and sintered stone. It is cured with only 1%‐2% white paste hardener (BPO). This cutting edge resin technology even outperforms epoxy systems by curing in less than 20 minutes. Superior GOLD provides excellent mechanical & chemical bonding making it ideal for use when stone is being processed with CNC machines. The cured adhesive is tough and can withstand the pressure exerted by the CNC, absorb freeze/thaw conditions & shock‐loads which is important during transportation of bonded pieces. Superior GOLD has such clarity and translucency, it can be used “as-is” to pick up the natural colours of the stone and it also makes it easy to colour with Superior Colouring Paste to match an infinite number of stone colours. Superior GOLD has been tested by Neolith and has acquired Neolith’s Approved Tooling rating. 

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A Translucent bonder that is ideal for light colour natural stones and engineered stone.

Superior PEARL is very light / white (pearlescent) in colour making it ideal for invisible joints, especially on light/white coloured stones. Perfect for seaming, laminating and chip repair on all types of natural and engineered stone. Superior PEARL utilises advanced Vinyl Ester resin technology making it a great choice for light/white stones and mitered edges. The light pearlescent colour makes it easy to add Superior Colouring Paste for perfect colour matching. To retain its “pearlescent” colour, use ONLY the specified amount of hardener and ONLY use hardener supplied by Superior. Superior PEARL is ideal for marbles, limestones, dolomites, light granites and other light natural or engineered stones.

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A reduced styrene glue perfect for Sintered Stone, Quartz Surface, Solid Surface, Engineered Stone and Natural Stone.

Superior FUSION is a reduced styrene glue that perfect for seaming, mitering, laminating and chip repair. This stone bonder is ideal natural Stone including granite, marble, slate, quartzite, sandstone, onyx and more! Superior FUSION is a blend of Vinyl Ester and Modified Acrylic adhesive technology. Superior FUSION is also perfect for Sintered Stone, Quartz Surface, Solid Surface and all types of Engineered Stones. Superior FUSION has been tried and tested on brands included Neolith®, Dekton®, Caesarstone®, Silestone®, Cambria®, Corian®, Formica®, Laminex® and more. Superior FUSION has been tested by Neolith and has acquired Neolith’s Approved Tooling rating.