Works of Nature

From the Colosseum to your outdoor living area, Walnut Travertine
is raw elegance. Available through CDK Stone.

Walnut Travertine is our Stone of The Month. The effortless harmony between the beige and cream tones makes this natural stone a subtle addition to any outdoor living area. Highlighted through this design, Walnut Travertine reflects an organic, unaltered natural tranquility.

Providing a subtle and sophisticated back drop, this natural stone harmonises the greenery and architectural elements within this outdoor space. This time-honoured natural stone features a honed finished, captivating the textured depth of Travertine.

Perfect for high traffic outdoor areas, the properties of Walnut Travertine make it literally – a masterpiece you can walk on. Inspiring the very best classic designs, Walnut Travertine is the ideal natural stone for creating graceful outdoor living areas.

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