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Ready to See our Newest Arrivals?

Prepare to be enchanted by the thrilling new arrivals at CDK Stone, promising an even wider selection of the most exquisite Natural Stones. Allow us to introduce you to the latest additions to CDK Stone’s remarkable collection: Sovrano Marble, Breccia Capria Marble, Onde Rosa Marble, Ascot Dolomite, and Fascino Marble. Brace yourself for the dazzling allure of these breathtaking new stones that are sure to leave you speechless..

New Year, New Stones!

Prepare to be astonished by the thrilling new arrivals making their way to CDK Stone, promising an even broader range of the most magnificent Natural Stone. Allow us to present to you the freshest additions to CDK Stone’s breathtaking collection: Celeste Dolomite, Voleterra Marble and Travertine Navona. Brace yourself for the mesmerising charm of these stunning newcomers.

The Magic of Super White

Creativity takes centre stage in this exceptional project that CDK Stone was thrilled to be a part of this month. Introducing the breathtaking Super White Dolomite, this project demonstrate the seamless fusion of creativity and elegance, resulting in a truly mesmerising space. Prepare to be entranced by this project that crafts an enchanting and awe-inspiring environment.

Curves in all the Right Places

We are delighted to have been part of this mesmerising and sophisticated project this month. Showcasing a range of exquisite natural stones like Turco Argento Limestone, New Elegant Grey Limestone, and Super White Dolomite, this project exudes unmatched beauty and elevates the natural stone to the centerpiece of every space. Prepare to be captivated by this project that creates an enchanting and stunning environment.

Behind the Scenes of our Latest Buying Trip

The amazing team at CDK Stone went searching across the globe for the newest natural stones to bring here to Australia. After long hours of searching, travelling to different countries and meeting a bunch of new and wonderful people, CDK Stone is happy to announce the new arrival of many colourful and unique stones. The newest stones to land at CDK Stone are Cloudy Rose Marble, Santa Lucia Marble, Cello Marble, Onde Rosa Marble, Titanium Travertine, Volakas Marble, Fio Di Pesco Marble, London White Marble, Emotion Grey Marble, Arabescato Corchia Marble, Austral Dream Dolomite, Sky White Dolomite, Silver Travertine and Aella Arabescato Marble.

Super White and Super Light

Simple designs can still make a statement, and with this dazzling projects it’s not hard to see why. CDK Stone had the pleasure of being involved in this exceptional project that showcase the beauty in more modest natural stones. Featuring Super White Dolomite, this design make for a memorable interior that’s anyone is sure to love.

Olivia Cirocco from GIA Renovations – Designer Collaboration Series

Found in the homely suburb of Malvern in Melbourne, where a mix of both opulent period, and modern homes line every street, is this one-of-a-kind home that combines the best of both. Crafted by Design Manager Olivia Cirocco from GIA Renovations, Olivia has helped in creating a home that is sympathetic to the area, whilst retaining the qualities of a family home. Featured in this space are Super White Dolomite in the kitchen and Verde Oceania Marble in the main ensuite. Whilst quite different, these two stones work in harmony with each other, but also with the fixtures and fittings, to create rooms that are sophisticated and elegant.