The Timeless Testament

Calacatta Marble is exclusively elegant.
Available through CDK Stone.

Calacatta Marble is our Stone of The Month. The pinnacle of elegance for centuries, Calacatta offers a time-honoured design that reverberates luxury to every space it touches. Characterised by contrasting grey veins on a bright white background, Calacatta brings light and vitality to any design. 

Highlighted in this elegant design by Lauren Tarrant DesignCalacatta harmonises the warm dark timber tones and golden hues of this masterpiece. Perfectly adding texture, this kitchen demonstrates that Calacatta is a perfect compliment to the growing dark timber movement.

Adding to this exclusive stone is the built in breakfast bar. With an increasing, global trend towards built in dinning, this space see’s a European influenced Australian design. 

Flowing from the kitchen to lounge, this natural stone creates a sophisticated space fit for the most lavish lifestyle. A true natural masterpiece, Calacatta Marble leaves a dramatic and unforgettable impression.
Photography by Rachel Lewis

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