“We’ve bought two more LT-2D3D lasers and we don’t measure a job without them. The accuracy is millimetre perfect and I’d never in a million years want to be without it.”

When Adrian and Stephan Tiso bought a LT-2D3D laser templator to improve efficiencies in their Absolutely Marble-Us stone manufacturing and installation business, Stephan trained on the new equipment while Adrian continued traditional manual measuring. They quickly realised that Stephan’s installations were far more efficient and accurate. “He was getting it right first go everytime,” says Adrian.

“We’ve bought two more LT-2D3D lasers and we don’t measure a job without them. The accuracy is millimetre perfect and I’d never in a million years want to be without it.”

“Our guys on site do not need to trim anything. They don’t take trestles, they don’t have any grinding tools with them because they don’t need them. Everything fits perfectly.”

The LT-2D3D from Laser Products Industries USA is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by CDK Stone and is the next evolution from the LT-55 XL system. It has a range of more than 5 metres, and excels when stonemasons and cabinet makers need to template vertical surfaces including splashbacks, walls, ceilings and shower enclosures. With the pull of a pin, the LT-2D3D converts from 2D to 3D, allowing the laser to swivel along its vertical axis and measure complete rooms including walls, floors and ceilings. Features such as sinks and splashbacks can be added in with the click of a button. Setup takes only a few minutes as there’s no need to clear existing jobs.

The software will export a 3D wire frame for CAD software modification, as well as standard 2D DXF/DWG files. It creates job files, estimates and shop sheets in DXF/DWG, PDF and CSV, will take and send photographs and enables customer sign-off on its tablet. Jonathan Height, Joint Managing Director of CDK Stone, says the two principal benefits for clients are time saving and accuracy. “The laser is turning a drawing into a CAD drawing which is applicable to CNC machines from all machine suppliers. So instead of bringing a template back to your factory, checking that template in a kitchen scenario, making sure it’s accurate and signing off on it, you’re doing it all on the laser.” “Manual templating can take many hours, whereas templating with the laser can take less than half an hour and is accurate to one millimetre, ensuring all components of the benchtop fit perfectly.”

CDK Stone has been promoting the LT-2D3D as an essential part of a stone mason’s tool kit to ensure a safe environment for their staff and clients. There is no need to get hand tools out to trim benchtops on site or return to the factory for re-working to make inaccurate jobs install correctly. The Laser Products LT-2D3D is easy to use with CAM and CNC machinery. It has extensive range and visibility – virtual 360° visibility for horizontal and vertical measuring from 5cm up to 61m, and gives precise measuring – 1mm accuracy for precise installs eliminating the costs associated with reworks. It has a built-in camera – reduces liability of job changes and existing damages with photos to include with job files. Includes tablet and stand, and optional CDK Stone training to use the product and software.


Adrian Tiso says Absolutely Marble-Us is making “massive” time savings on the 50 kitchens its 30 employees complete each week. Jobs can be templated in minutes, and even complex jobs with curves or unusual shapes can be quickly and easily templated. Three employees have been trained to use the Laser LT-2D3D. Basic training on the machine takes about two days but mastering the “curly little hurdles you come across on site” takes approximately two weeks. CDK Stone supplied initial training, which is continued in-house with educational videos and resources from their website. 

“Any stonemason or cabinet maker can be trained to use this laser,” Jonathan says. “The benefit of not needing CAD experience is that there’s no training required to learn the software based on another program. The general consensus amongst our customers has been that this tool greatly improves efficiency and allows them to complete more projects in the same amount of time. Recall for maintenance is insignificant compared to a previous product from another manufacturer.” Seven of the last eight companies awarded Stone World Fabricator of the Year and many of the largest fabricators in the world have used this digital templating system. Some 6,000 systems have been sold worldwide.

Simple but robust design

The Laser LT-2D3D is made of impact-resistant, aircraft grade aluminium and comes with a hardshell case. Design is clean and simple, with no retractable cords or other accessories that can be easily worn or damaged. The battery lasts for at least 50 hours and can be charged once a week, meaning battery packs are not required on jobsites. Free software updates are provided for the life of the laser. A SurfacePro tablet with laser templator software has a builtin camera for on-the-job photos and a lightweight, sturdy tripod has rubber footings to ensure stability and prevent floor damage. The Federal Government’s instant asset write-off applies to the Laser LT-2D3D, however an accountant or tax advisor should be consulted. CDK Stone showrooms are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast; and in Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand. Demonstrations can be arranged for prospective customers.

Discover efficient and accurate instillations with the LT-2D3D laser templator