The LT-2D3D is the next evolutionary step forward!

The LT-2D3D is the next evolutionary step forward from the LT-55 XL Laser Templator. For simple jobs like countertops, it functions just like the LT-55 XL does. But where it excels is when you need to template backsplashes, walls, ceilings, shower enclosures or anything else on a vertical surface. With the pull of a pin, the LT-2D3D unlocks from its 2D mode and allows the laser to swivel along its vertical axis and continue measuring 3-Dimensionally. Our software will also export a 3D wire frame (as well as standard 2D DXF/DWG files) based on your needs. Since 2005 when we first started selling the original LT-55 Laser Templator, 7 of the last 8 Stone World Fabricator of the Year recipients and most the largest fabrications in the world have used our digital templating system. We believe the best in the industry use the best equipment built for the industry. Call us now to set up a demo and we will show you why the LT-2D3D World Leader in Digital Templating.

Now Available with LT3Raptor – the newest software from Laser Product Industries designed to streamline the templating process.

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