Perched on a clifftop in Gerringong on New South Wales’ South Coast, the Dovecote estate pushes the boundaries of design and ushers in a new level of luxury accommodation into Australia. Set on 150 acres of oceanfront farmland, Dovecote offers two immaculate & award-winning accommodations with unsurpassed views of the ocean and rural Australian landscape.

As part of our Designer Collaboration Series, CDK Stone’s Director David Onesti took a deeper look into this breath-taking property and interviewed Dovecote’s Manager & Host, Kathryn Durham. Being a qualified Interior Designer, Kathryn was able to talk through her design decisions and all the project challenges along the way.

Discover this project today by watching Episode One of our Designer Collaboration Series.

Featured in this breath-taking farm stay is Domino Quartzite from CDK Stone. Reflecting the natural beauty of the Gerringong coastline, this Domino Quartzite benchtop is truely a work of art. Creating a stunning focal-point in this kitchen, Domino adds an unmatched depth and texture to this space.

With an impressive book-matched design, this benchtop combines functionality and style. Adding a practical element to this kitchen, the benchtop features hidden, front facing draws that allow for easy access to the crockery. 

Also adding to this kitchen’s well thought out design, the stovetop’s controls have been cladded with Domino Quartzite creating a sleek look across the benchtop and stovetop.

Creating a bold statement piece in this space, Domino Quartzite has become a favourite for contemporary homes. Characterised by its intricate yet striking veining pattern, Domino Quartzite is ideal for those after a strong look. Being a Quartzite, Domino offers an extremely durable surface that would withstand the most demanding spaces.

Dovecote’s Headland property has redefined luxury accommodation in rural Australia. Throughout this project Kathryn and the Dovecote team worked with CDK Stone to make the Dovecote vision a reality. 

Discover this project today by watching Episode One of our Designer Collaboration Series.


Dovecote’s Headland farm stay features Domino Quartzite from CDK Stone.

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