Super White, Super Grey

This month, CDK Stone had the privilege of contributing to this incredible projects that exude beauty in both a cool and moody space. We are thrilled to have been a part of this captivating project that highlights the elegance of Super White Dolomite. Prepare to be dazzled by this delightful space, where Natural Stone adds a sense of serenity.

Atelier Chardon have skillfully designed this stunning residence, showcasing the elegant Super White Dolomite in both the kitchen and bathroom. The use of this exquisite Natural Stone on the benchtops and backsplash blends the white cabinetry and navy accents, infusing the space with a cool energy.

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Super White Dolomite adorns almost every wall in this bathroom to create a moody and cool space. Paired with the light blue cabinetry and doors, this bathroom is truly a relaxing oasis where one can come to unwind amongst the beauty of nature.

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Upon closer inspection of this marvellous Natural Stone, the intricate texture of this Super White brings a depth to the space like no other. With a mix of captivating grey tones, this stone effortlessly commands attention and captivates with its natural beauty.

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CDK Stone hand-picks premium natural stone from around the globe. Want your home or space to embody the cool and sophisticated energy of the images above? Shop our Natural Stone range to find the perfect natural masterpiece for you.

Architecture by Atelier Chardon and Photography by Unknown Collective

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