ADI Zero – Zoller

Tool Presetter and Measuring Machines.

The ADI ZERO by ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine will help you to save time and money, putting you one very decisive step ahead of the competition. Your tools are set and measured while your machine is processing – without any downtime.

This specialised machine will increase your tool life and production speed!

The ADI ZERO by ZOLLER tool presetting and measuring machine is especially equipped for stone cutting tools.

The user-friendly »pilot 3.0« image processing technology comprises a variety of measuring programs.

Named the ADI ZERO because it is;  [read]

• Zero-in on optimum operational efficiencies
• Zero downtime for your CNC machine
• Zero inefficiencies in tool management
• Zero wasted operator time on tool setting
• Zero error in measurements
• Zero wasted tool wear from incorrect settings
• For customers who have ZERO tolerance for inefficiency
• When your measuring accuracy goes from 0.01mm
to 0.001mm, you feel the power of adding a ZERO

Contact CDK Stone today to discuss how the ADI ZERO by ZOLLER can assist your business efficiency and increase tool life.

• Control-specific data output
• Barcode scanner


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