Montolit Moto Flash Line 2

Montolit Moto Flashline 2 is the motorized version of the Flash-Line (manual cutting system)

The Moto Flashline 2  has evolved and improved with technical improvements on the anchoring system between the engine and the trolley-guide and on the suction system (now an integral part of the machine) which, thanks to automatic adjustments guarantees absence of dust and optimal cooling.

The machine combines the advantages of the manual Flash line lightness, precision and, above all, the patented anti-slip locking system with the addition of a motorized head combined with a professional diamond blade for ceramic included.

Moto Flashline represents the “no limits” solution for dry cutting on ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite with lengths up to over three meters (340 cm) and thicknesses up to 20 mm.

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