Quartz Renew Pro Kit

Repairing Engineered Stone has been a massive issue, until now! Quartz Renew was developed to help stonemasons and restoration companies save time and money avoiding replacements.

– Saves on average 40-50% of the cost to replace a benchtop.

– Upholds a success rate of 70-80%.

– Average repair time of 1-2.5 hours depending on the severity of the job.

– Repair and restore scratches, burns and suction cup marks to a factory finish.

The Quartz Renew Pro Kit:

– 6 Resin Pads (50-1500 Grit)

– 4 Felt Diamond pads (step 1 – 4)

– 3 Step Resin Polish – Snakeskin revealer, resin polish, final polish

The Resin Polishers will need to be paired with a set of Quartz Renew Applicators for best results. (Sold Separately)

We recommend using the Flex Variable Speed Polisher and the Quartz Renew Snail Lock Foam Backers for best results. (Sold Separately)

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