Terra Level

Prevent picture-frame staining & lay pavers rapidly with this simple and flexible system.

Terra Level’s unique shim system allows for variations in thickness, ensuring each tile is completely stable and free from lippage.
The TL1 module and the TL3 shims are made from a special polymer that remains flexible and reduces footfall sound compared to other hard plastic pedestals.
The TL1 is only 1cm thick, allowing use of pedestals where height restrictions apply.

• Reduced load on balconies and terraces
• Increased, permanent ventilation
• Reduce the risk of efflorescence or picture-framing
• System can be re-used with alternative materials of a different size
• Can be installed with impermeable membranes that protect the substrate
• Can be precisely laid to existing or new falls
• Tiles can be changed easily
• No frost damage
• Rapid easy installation

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