The Taglio Scanner: Elevating Australian Stone Masonry

The Taglio Scanner has reshaped how stone surfaces are digitized

In stone masonry, achieving precision is paramount. Australian stonemasons continually seek innovative tools to enhance accuracy and efficiency, especially when working with materials like sintered stone, porcelain, engineered stone, and natural stone. The Taglio Scanner, exclusively supplied by CDK Stone in Australia, has become a prominent tool in this pursuit.

The Taglio Scanner has reshaped how stone surfaces are digitized. Its advanced LED lighting system captures the intricate details of every stone type. “At CDK Stone, we aim to empower stonemasons with technology that elevates their work. The Taglio Scanner is pivotal in achieving that. It’s engineered to work seamlessly across all stone types, ensuring stonemasons can deliver outstanding results without expanding their teams or overextending their resources,” said James Clark, General Manager, Business Development – Tooling & Equipment.

Using its SlabVision technology, the Taglio Scanner creates digital replicas impervious to fluctuating lighting conditions, ensuring every detail is captured. This scanner revolutionizes the assessment and measurement of slabs, promoting accuracy, particularly for high-value materials and guaranteeing each cut maximizes the potential of each slab, thereby reducing waste.

Mistakes and risks are substantially minimized with the SeKON software’s Vein Matching module, which can utilise the high-resolution images from the Taglio Scanner. Final production designs can be visualized in a 3D format, making it easier for designers and end customers to view. This not only ensures accurate cuts but also guarantees that the final vein-matched solution aligns with customer expectations.

Jonathan Height of CDK Stone elaborates on the transformation of vein matching: “Vein matching used to be a long and arduous process. However, new software developments with CDK Stone’s Vein Matching module under the SeKON software, combined with digital scanning, have streamlined the process.” Thanks to the Taglio Scanner’s accurate imaging, the software achieves a seamless matching execution without the risks associated with manual slab selection. Furthermore, CDK Stone’s vein matching technology integrates seamlessly with the broader SeKON software, which offers comprehensive support for the stone fabrication process. 

This integration proves beneficial for all, from smaller stonemason operations to larger fabricators, given the wide compatibility of SeKON with different stone machinery and production facilities.

The arrival of the Taglio Scanner supplied by CDK Stone represents a monumental stride for stonemasons in Australia. With this tool, they can elevate their craftsmanship across various stone materials while adhering to the traditions of precision and quality inherent in the trade.

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